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Tranny Cum Swappers Categories: Shemale Tranny Reviewed 2009-03-07


Tranny Cum Swappers show just how nasty these shemales can get! Once they're done draining their men of their cum, they end up swapping it back and forth between another flawless tranny. This is a tranny threesome site done right!


Tranny Cum Swappers is a shemale threesome based site that not only pits two shemales against one guy, the double trouble pair of trannies ends up snowbaling his cum back and forth between them. A shemale cumswapping site has never been done before, so it's always fun to see a new type of shemale porn crop up.

Most of the trannies featured at Tranny Cum Swappers are Brazilians, and they are well known to be some of the most beautiful shemales in the world. They certainly have no problems with seducing the guys that they pick up. Most of them are all about having a threesome with two beautiful women, and when they find out its two beautiful trannies they're even more excited.

There are 20 episodes at Tranny Cum Swappers, each with their own video and photo set. You can access everything easily from the user friendly set up, and the main episode page presents you with all of the options. There is a big streaming Flash video that gives you instant action, a 576x432 and 2 mbps Divx video, WMV, and MP4 download waiting for you, and then links to the photo set. The photo sets are 1024x680 vidcaps and have over 100 photos per set. If you get bored while you're waiting for the videos to download, you can follow the action and get a nice preview with the vidcaps. None of the downloaded videos have DRM, so you can enjoy them at any time.

One particularly hot scene features Shakira and Afriana seducing a big dick guy named Matheus. This brunette and blond tranny duo rubbed themselves all over him, skillfully hiding their dicks in super short skirts. Once he discovers their hidden package, he gets even harder and watches his cum get swapped between the two of them.

Tranny Cum Swappers is a rarity in the world of shemale porn - its a brand new take on shemale fucking, and between the threesomes and the snowballs you are getting plenty of hot chicks with dicks action. You'll never look at the pretty girls walking down the street the same again, that's for sure.

Network Review

Tranny Cum Swappers is part of a large network that you get access to with your membership. This network has 544 additional shemale scenes, although not all of them are snowballing threesomes, and they also have an additional 22,000 scenes in straight and gay niches, along with 146 bonus sites.


If you're in the mood for super nasty shemale porn action, then Tranny Cum Swappers is going to fit the bill perfectly for you. These shemales love to snowball each other after showing these guys the time of their lives.



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