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CFNM Idol Categories: CFNM Reality Porn Reviewed 2009-02-27


CFNM - clothed female naked male - is a niche that has been rising in popularity over the past few years. CFNM Idol has these naked guys in a ton of different situations - one guy is an unashamed nudist who shows up for a first meeting stark naked while the girls eye him up, another guy gets pulled into his bosses' office to be stripped down and ridden around the room, and yet another CFNM situation has a guy getting strip searched by two female officers.


CFNM Idol puts the power in these amateurs' hands, giving them plenty of beefcake to make them happy. Once they get hold of their man of the hour, they have him do plenty. Some of the women opt for just simple stripteases, while others grope and grab at these guys until they decide that enough is enough - and they're going to suck some dick.

The most shocking part of CFNM Idol is that these women look like your typical housewives. They aren't crazed nymphomaniacs, they're just the type of ladies that you'd see across the hall or down the street. Put a sexy guy in front of them, willing to do whatever they want, and they turn into a whole new person. There are 31 episodes in total, each featuring so much hot CFNM action that you'll be amazed.

When you're in the mood for hot CFNM action, you'll find yourself happy for all of the options that CFNM Idol gives you. There are four different video formats in total, one streaming and three downloads. The streaming option is in Flash, and offers up a good quality video that loads quickly and certainly serves well on its own. However, if you need some download action you'll find the Divx is the highest quality at 576x432 and 2 mbps, while the WMV is 1 mbps and the MP4 is 500kbps.

Each episode also comes with a vidcap set so you can see what sort of guys these clothed females are enjoying. There are over 100 photos per set, with a size of 1024x680 that gives you plenty of eye candy for your money.

CFNM Idol is great if you're after CFNM with a hardcore twist - these dominant women don't get naked when they start making their men strip down, so the sex is a whole lot kinkier! Most scenes end with two of the women teaming together to suck dick. They just love the nasty feel of their whore sides coming out, and the guy certainly isn't complaining. He's worked hard all night, now he gets a few rewards.

Network Review

The CFNM Idol bonus network is well worth taking a look at as well. There are over 25,000 scenes in total, with new ones getting added each and every day. On top of that, you also have 142 bonus sites just waiting for you and your dick to come visit.


If you're looking for a good CFNM site, then CFNM Idol is the answer to your prayers. This high quality collection features plenty of different scenarios, along with a bonus network that provides nearly every other type of porn you could want as well.



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